Post Serve Action


  • PostServeAction allows you to execute custom code after a response has been served in simulate or spy mode.

  • It is custom script that can be written in any language. Hoverfly has the ability to invoke a script or binary file on a host operating system. Custom code is execute after a provided delay(in ms) once simulated response is served.

  • We can register multiple post serve actions.

  • In order to register post serve action, it takes mainly four parameters - binary to invoke script, script content/location, delay(in ms) post which it will be executed and name of that action.

Ways to register a Post Serve Action

  • At time of startup by passing single/multiple -post-serve-action flag(s) as mentioned in the hoverfly command page.

  • Via PUT API to register new post serve action as mentioned in the API page.

  • Using command line hoverctl post-serve-action set command as mentioned in the hoverctl command page.

  • Once post serve action is registered, we can trigger particular post serve action by putting it in response part of request-response pair in simulation JSON.

Example Simulation JSON

    "response": {
        "postServeAction": "<name of post serve action we want to invoke>"