Hoverfly as a webserverΒΆ

Sometimes you may not be able to configure your client to use a proxy, or you may want to explicitly point your application at Hoverfly. For this reason, Hoverfly can run as a webserver.



When running as a webserver, Hoverfly cannot capture traffic (see Capture mode) - it can only be used to simulate and synthesize APIs (see Simulate mode and Synthesize mode). For this reason, when you use Hoverfly as a webserver, you should have Hoverfly simulations ready to be loaded.

When running as a webserver, Hoverfly strips the domain from the endpoint URL. For example, if you made requests to the following URL while capturing traffic with Hoverfly running as a proxy:


And Hoverfly is running in simulate mode as a webserver on:


Then the URL you would use to retrieve the data from Hoverfly would be:


See also

Please refer to the Running Hoverfly as a webserver tutorial for a step-by-step example.