hoverctl commands

This page contains the output of:

hoverctl --help

The command’s help content has been placed here for convenience.

hoverctl is the command line tool for Hoverfly

  hoverctl [command]

Available Commands:
  completion  Create Bash completion file for hoverctl
  config      Show hoverctl configuration information
  delete      Delete Hoverfly simulation
  destination Get and set Hoverfly destination
  diff        Manage the diffs for Hoverfly
  export      Export a simulation from Hoverfly
  flush       Flush the internal cache in Hoverfly
  import      Import a simulation into Hoverfly
  login       Login to Hoverfly
  logs        Get the logs from Hoverfly
  middleware  Get and set Hoverfly middleware
  mode        Get and set the Hoverfly mode
  simulation  Manage the simulation for Hoverfly
  start       Start Hoverfly
  state       Manage the state for Hoverfly
  status      Get the current status of Hoverfly
  stop        Stop Hoverfly
  targets     Get the current targets registered with hoverctl
  version     Get the version of hoverctl

  -f, --force           Bypass any confirmation when using hoverctl
  -h, --help            help for hoverctl
      --set-default     Sets the current target as the default target for hoverctl
  -t, --target string   A name for an instance of Hoverfly you are trying to communicate with. Overrides the default target (default)
  -v, --verbose         Verbose logging from hoverctl

Use "hoverctl [command] --help" for more information about a command.

hoverctl auto completion

hoverctl supplies auto completion for Bash. Run the following command to install the completions.

hoverctl completion

This will create the completion file in your hoverfly directory and create a symbolic link in your bash_completion.d folder.

Optionally you can supply a location for the symbolic link as an argument to the completion command.

hoverctl completion /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/hoverctl