Destination filteringΒΆ

By default, Hoverfly will process every request it receives. However, you may wish to control which URLs Hoverfly processes.

This is done by filtering the destination URLs using either a string or a regular expression. The destination string or regular expression will be compared against the host and the path of a URL.

For example, specifying as the destination value will tell Hoverfly to process only URLs on the host.

hoverctl destination ""

Specifying api as the destination value during Capture mode will tell Hoverfly to capture only URLs that contain the string api. This would include both and

See also

This functionality is best understood via a practical example: see Capturing or simulating specific URLs in the Tutorials section.


The destination setting applies to all Hoverfly modes. If a destination value is set while Hoverfly is running in Simulate mode, requests that are excluded by the destination setting will be passed through to the real URLs. This makes it possible to return both real and simulated responses.