Applying different delays based on HTTP method

Let’s apply a delay of 2 seconds on responses to GET requests only made to

Run the following to create and export a simulation.

hoverctl start
hoverctl mode capture
curl --proxy localhost:8500
curl --proxy localhost:8500 -X POST
hoverctl export simulation.json
hoverctl stop

Edit the simulation.json file so that the "globalActions" property looks like this:

1      "globalActions": {
2         "delays": [
3            {
4               "urlPattern": "echo\\.jsontest\\.com\\/b\\/c",
5               "httpMethod": "GET",
6               "delay": 2000
7            }
8         ],
9         "delaysLogNormal": []

Now run the following to import the edited simulation.json file and run the simulation:

hoverctl start
hoverctl import simulation.json
curl --proxy localhost:8500
curl -X POST --proxy localhost:8500
hoverctl stop

You should notice a 2 second delay on the response to the GET request and no delay on the response to the POST request.