Importing and using a simulationΒΆ

In this tutorial we are going to import the simulation we created in the previous tutorial.

hoverctl start
hoverctl import simulation.json

Hoverfly can also import simulation data that is stored on a remote host via HTTP:

hoverctl import

Make a request with cURL, using Hoverfly as a proxy.

curl --proxy localhost:8500

This outputs the time at the time the request was captured.

   "time": "02:07:28 PM",
   "milliseconds_since_epoch": 1482242848562,
   "date": "12-20-2016"

Stop Hoverfly:

hoverctl stop


Importing multiple simulations:

The above example shows importing one simulation into Hoverfly. You can also import multiple simulations:

hoverctl simulation add foo.json bar.json

You can specify one or more simulations when starting Hoverfly using hoverfly or hoverctl commands:

hoverfly -import foo.json -import bar.json
hoverctl start --import foo.json --import bar.json

Hoverfly appends any unique pair to the existing simulation by comparing the equality of the request JSON objects. If a conflict occurs, the pair is not added.