Getting StartedΒΆ

Hoverfly is composed of two binaries: Hoverfly and hoverctl.

hoverctl is a command line tool that can be used to configure and control Hoverfly. It allows you to run Hoverfly as a daemon.

Hoverfly is the application that does the bulk of the work. It provides the proxy server or webserver, and the API endpoints.

Once you have extracted both Hoverfly and hoverctl into a directory on your PATH, you can run hoverctl and Hoverfly.

hoverctl version
hoverfly -version

Both of these commands should return a version number. Now you can run an instance of Hoverfly:

hoverctl start

Check whether Hoverfly is running with the following command:

hoverctl logs

The logs should contain the string serving proxy. This indicates that Hoverfly is running.

Finally, stop Hoverfly with:

hoverctl stop