hoverctl commandsΒΆ

This page contains the output of:

hoverctl --help

The command’s help content has been placed here for convenience.

hoverctl is the command line tool for Hoverfly

  hoverctl [command]

Available Commands:
  completion  Create Bash completion file for hoverctl
  config      Show hoverctl configuration information
  delete      Delete Hoverfly simulation
  destination Get and set Hoverfly destination
  export      Export a simulation from Hoverfly
  flush       Flush the internal cache in Hoverfly
  import      Import a simulation into Hoverfly
  login       Login to Hoverfly
  logs        Get the logs from Hoverfly
  middleware  Get and set Hoverfly middleware
  mode        Get and set the Hoverfly mode
  start       Start Hoverfly
  state-store Manage the state for Hoverfly
  status      Get the current status of Hoverfly
  stop        Stop Hoverfly
  targets     Get the current targets registered with hoverctl
  version     Get the version of hoverctl

      --admin-port int   A port number for the Hoverfly API/GUI. Overrides the default Hoverfly admin port (8888)
  -f, --force            Bypass any confirmation when using hoverctl
  -h, --help             help for hoverctl
      --host string      A host on which a Hoverfly instance is running. Overrides the default Hoverfly host (localhost)
      --proxy-port int   A port number for the Hoverfly proxy. Overrides the default Hoverfly proxy port (8500)
      --set-default      Sets the current target as the default target for hoverctl
  -t, --target string    A name for an instance of Hoverfly you are trying to communicate with. Overrides the default target (default)
  -v, --verbose          Verbose logging from hoverctl

Use "hoverctl [command] --help" for more information about a command.