Using Hoverfly behind a proxy

In some environments, you may only be able to access the internet via a proxy. For example, your organization may route all traffic through a proxy for security reasons.

If this is the case, you will need to configure Hoverfly to work with the ‘upstream’ proxy.

This configuration value can be easily set when starting an instance of Hoverfly.

For example, if the ‘upstream’ proxy is running on port 8080 on host corp.proxy:

hoverctl start --upstream-proxy http://corp.proxy:8080

Upstream proxy authentication

If the proxy you are using uses HTTP basic authentication, you can provide the authentication credentials as part of the upstream proxy configuration setting.

For example:

hoverctl start --upstream-proxy http://my-user:my-pass@corp.proxy:8080

Currently, HTTP basic authentication is the only supported authentication method for an authenticated proxy.