hoverctl commandsΒΆ

This page contains the output of:

hoverctl --help

The command’s help content has been placed here for convenience.

hoverctl is the command line tool for Hoverfly

    hoverctl [command]

Available Commands:
    config      Show hoverctl configuration information
    delete      Delete Hoverfly simulation
    destination Get and set Hoverfly destination
    export      Export a simulation from Hoverfly
    import      Import a simulation into Hoverfly
    logs        Get the logs from Hoverfly
    middleware  Get and set Hoverfly middleware
    mode        Get and set the Hoverfly mode
    start       Start Hoverfly
    stop        Stop Hoverfly
    version     Get the version of hoverctl

        --admin-port string       A port number for the Hoverfly API/GUI. Overrides the default Hoverfly admin port (8888)
        --certificate string      A path to a certificate file. Overrides the default Hoverfly certificate
        --database string         A database type [memory|boltdb]. Overrides the default Hoverfly database type (memory)
        --disable-tls             Disables TLS verification
        --host string             A host on which a Hoverfly instance is running. Overrides the default Hoverfly host (localhost)
        --key string              A path to a key file. Overrides the default Hoverfly TLS key
        --proxy-port string       A port number for the Hoverfly proxy. Overrides the default Hoverfly proxy port (8500)
        --upstream-proxy string   A host for which Hoverfly will proxy its requests to
    -v, --verbose                 Verbose logging from hoverctl

Use "hoverctl [command] --help" for more information about a command.