Getting StartedΒΆ

Hoverfly is composed of two binaries: Hoverfly, and hoverctl.

hoverctl can be used to spawn, configure, control, and stop Hoverfly. It allows you to run Hoverfly as a daemon.

Hoverfly is the application that does the bulk of the work, providing the proxy server or webserver and the API endpoints.

Once you have extracted both Hoverfly and hoverctl into a directory on your PATH, you can run hoverctl and Hoverfly.

hoverctl --version
hoverfly --version

If installed correctly, both of these commands should return a version number. Now you can run an instance of Hoverfly:

hoverctl start

Check whether Hoverfly is running with the following command:

hoverctl logs

The logs should contain the string serving proxy which indicates that Hoverfly is up and running.

Finally, stop Hoverfly with:

hoverctl stop